if you aren’t able to get into the meetings don’t worry as there is a limit on how many people there are so just ask a question on here.

Welcome to Coding For Kids by Kids

My name is David and my brother’s name is Joshua, we will be teaching you some cool coding. You’ll know several techniques how to code. You might code blocks, python or JavaScript. Coding for kids by kids is when we […]

About Us

We are a not for profit organisation with the aim of encouraging kids from ages 5-18 years to learn coding and have a passion in IT and programming. We have trained hundreds of kids and the number is increasing daily […]

Styles guides for html I wrote this many months ago but I couldnt finish it about your project.This is the turtorial you will be working with while you visit this website. Be Geek be Proud Palm In your Face!Catchphrase that I heard in […]