How to deal with hackers checkout this, I (Joshua) did many months ago with animation Hackers are people who want to know information about you. Watch out! Hackers can be anywhere even when you don’t know this is also about strangers. Strangers. People can […]

Welcome to my dictionary Menu Welcome to BlueSky download click here to play noughts and crosses you’ll need someone else to play with you, first press is a nought and the second time you press it is a cross Try to […]


CodeCombat is a coding game where you have a hero and you need to code him/her to go to the next level. It’s actually harder then you think! The language of code is not blocks this time it’s Python. You […]

random web BlueSkyCitadel rules! how to deal with hackers challenge allaboutme animals memoryverses snake1 OXO5 tutorial Mission2 GiftRete andBlueSkyCitadel amazingfacts howtobuildyourownwebsite All help goes to my dad, the one who made this. This is my very first time here. I’m […]


Dates: Sunday & Thursday Times: 5pm Because of COVD19 (coronavirus) he meetings will be on Zoom but if you aren’t able to get in don’t worry about it as Zoom doesn’t allow more than 100 people.

Welcome to Coding For Kids by Kids

My name is David and my brother’s name is Joshua, we will be teaching you some cool coding. You’ll know several techniques how to code. You might code blocks, python or JavaScript. Coding for kids by kids is when we […]